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Smiley Baby {Idaho Falls Newborn Photographer}

I know I say this ALL the time, but I get to photograph the most beautiful babies! I don't know how it happens. And this baby was one of the most beautiful. I loved her dark hair, gorgeous skin, and big smiles! What an incredible combo and photographers dream! Doesn't this just make you smile!?And I can't get enough of this one of her in her daddy's hands. So sweet. *Sigh*This next one is a special picture because it has her mom's blessing dress in it with her, and when she is a little bigger she will get to wear it to. I love stuff like that!

Cutest Newborn Boy! {Idaho Falls Newborn Photography}

For some reason I don't get to photograph as many newborn boys as I do newborn girls. So, it is such a treat when I get to. This baby boy was such a breeze to photograph. I could have kept taking pictures of him all day, but I figured his parents were pretty tired after 2 1/2 hours.   I just loved everything about him! Isn't he so handsome!?

My Sweet Niece – 6 Days Old {Idaho Falls Newborn Photographer}

I was able to photograph my newest niece recently. It is amazing to me how much you can love one of these new ones so quickly! It is almost instant. And I love her even though she didn't want to cooperate. She was one of the hardest newborns I have ever photographed! But luckily we kept trying and were able to get some beautiful photographs!
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