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Kitchen Chairs

Okay, one more DIY post before I get back to all things photography. When we moved into our new house in November I quickly realized that I either needed to buy new chairs for our kitchen or I needed to refinish the ones I have because the chairs clashed terribly with everything else. We are talking ugly! After looking for several weeks for new chairs I came to the decision that I needed to refinish my chairs. I didn't like any chairs as much as my current ones and I couldn't stomach spending the money after just moving into a new house. We all know how many expenses come with a brand new house! So, I was off to Pinterest to find some ideas for refinishing the chairs. I have done several other pieces of furniture so I knew a few things to do and not to do. I had heard about how great Chalk paint is but I wasn't sure I wanted to invest the money in something that I didn't know if I would like. Chalk paint is a little pricier than regular latex paint. In my searches I stumbled across how to make your own chalk paint and I figured I'd give it a try. I could make up a little and if I didn't like it then I could just use the latex paint like I always do. These are the chairs before I painted them. Here is the link to the tutorial I used to make the chalk paint: I followed the steps pretty much exactly and overall I had a great experience. The paint went on well and looks great. The only problem I ran into was the paint adhering to the seat part of my chairs. I had a few coats of polycrylic on them from before and the paint just came off with the slightest sanding. I was distressing them just a little but the paint came off in huge sections. I knew it wouldn't hold up with my kids. Real chalk paint is supposed to be great because you don't have to do any sanding. It is supposed to stick to anything. So, I had to sand the paint off of the seats and start over. At that point I decided that it might look really good to stain the seats a dark walnut color instead of painting them. I am so glad that I had that little mishap because I love how the seats look stained. So, in the end it worked out for the best! And the long awaited before and after shot! Ahhhhh, don't they look so much better? Its like a breath of fresh air. So neutral and beautiful. We have been using the chairs for about a month and so far they are holding up nicely. I lightly distressed them too so that I wouldn't be worried if my children nick or scratch them. After my experience, I think that I would absolutely LOVE using chalk paint. I liked how this DIY recipe worked but I am interested in trying the real thing now. I definitely think that it would be worth the money. Here is the BEFORE again: And the MUCH MUCH better AFTER:

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